Sunday, 3 March 2013

Antivirus Software Suppliers & Resellers

Quality antivirus software is one of the most essential software components that you can install on your computer. The free stuff really does not cut the mustard. Are you one of those who has 2 to 3 editions of different antivirus products and spyware setup with conflicts? Do you get extremely annoying popups, and automatic scheduled processes that you simply can't change? (Like my previous experience with AVAST). Regardless of how annoying these items can be it is essential to keep your personal data safe from cyber thieves, hackers, spammers and identity theft.

Like the viruses in nature, the viruses of the net and computers are evolving constantly. They are usually given out in small dosages and begin life as clever and calculated pieces of social engineering. Most viruses are created for scalability (unless it is a targeted attack). This means that the malware is designed  to infect anyone within your network and the 6 degrees of separation spurring from that. To prevent the outbreak of this, software companies such as AVG are constantly monitoring the scene and reverse engineering the most vicious of viruses on a daily basis. It really is worthwhile in purchasing the full software for unlimited user control. There may be many other cheaper places to buy the product (such as from resellers like: CA Southern) who offer 2 year licences (AVG AntiVirus 2013) for as little as £30.99 on 2 PC units.